Our Mission

Dance and the Creative Arts make a Magical World! They keep one forever young and always offer the experience of joy. Whether those who attend a ballet understand the intricacies of the art matters not.

The charm of classical ballet and its emotional impact comes through for all. Ballet is a wonderful fusion of the arts - a harmonious combination of music, dance, poetry and painting. It brings forth human emotion with great force.

An introduction to ballet, dance and theatre is an excellent form of aesthetic education for every child and teen. There is an immediate childlike joy when they participate in dance and the creative arts. Dance and theatre for children creates magic, opening a new world, molding character, expressing inner creativity and awakening new potential!

The Academy of Dance and Creative Arts (ADACA) is dedicated to preserving the fine tradition of Russian Ballet, in particular the Vaganova method. The knowledge and education of ballet are passed down, generation to generation, from the best dancers of their times, preserving the artistry of ballet. Not only are the techniques of ballet priceless, the artistry and bravura remaining unsurpassed. A dedicated study of ballet as a serious art form has profound physical and spiritual benefits for those who surrender themselves to its magic.

ADACA is a 501(c)(3)Not-For-Profit Organization encourafing the love of Ballet, Dance, and the Creative Arts for all ages and incomes.


Academy of Dance and Creative Arts has the theatre and two locations for year round classes and summer programs:

ADACA Tannersville at 6045 Main St, Tannersville NY                     ADACA Brooklyn at 3806 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY


 www.ADACAdance.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 518.589.5999 (ADACA Tannersville phone) 718.415.3586 (ADACA Brooklyn) 518.989.6210 (fax)

ADACA allows children, teens and adults to get closer to ballet, dance and theatre, and discover their special place in the world of the performing and creative arts.

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