Dress code

Dress code

We strive to maintain a professional atmosphere for our students. Our dress code applies to all classes. The ADACA store will be supplied with most everything you need and we encourage students to purchase from the store so there is consistency in quality and style of dancewear, especially for ballet classes. Required attire is as follows:


Ballet for girls:

  • Black Leotard tank style (can be bought at the school store)
  • Pink tights (must be bought at the school store)
  • Pink ballet shoes must be canvas with split or whole sole and can be bought at the school store
  •      Hair must be pulled away from the face and neck into a high or low bun for each class. Short hair should be pinned back away from the face. No swinging ponytails. Techniques for doing the hair and makeup will be addressed in a special class.
  • No jewelry. No leg warmers. No baggy tee-shirts, etc.

All students must wear the white elastic waist and the hair scrunchie according to the color of each group,

which will be provided by the school.


Ballet for boys:

  • White T-shirt
  • Black men tights footed
  • Black dance shoes (for the brand see below)


Character/Historical dance and Salsa:

For Girls: Leotards and tights of any color, character skirt, character shoes of any brand.

For Boys: Any color tee-shirt, black (comfortable) pants, black dance shoes, black socks.


Organic, Contemporary, Breakdance:

For Girls: Leotard of any color and black jazz or sport pants, dance shoes. No jewelry.

For Boys: Any color tee-shirt, black jazz or sport pants, dance shoes.


If any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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