Scholarship, Grand Program


This Program awards covers partial or full Tuition for students who love to dance, demonstrate potential and would like to have a complete ballet education at the Academy of Dance and Creative Arts.


As part of the ADACA’s mission of encouraging the love of Ballet, Dance and the Creative Arts for all ages and incomes, we place a big emphasis on attracting and educating talented children and adults from disadvantaged families.


In accepting an award from this Program, students enter into a “Partnership” with the Academy of Dance and Creative Arts and agree to the following



1. Excellent attendance of the ADACA’s classes

2. Maintain a professional and polite demeanor

3.Maintain satisfactory academic grades at school

4. Not to study at any other dance school and/or to attend auditions and/or to accept any amateur or professional performing engagement without the approval of the ADACA

5. Student must sign up for the ADACA Elite-pro program for at least 5 years, otherwise he must to pay the full amount of tuition for previous classes

6. Each half year a student can be taken out from the program if he/she will not meet all the criteria

7. Directors have rights to decide how much grand or scholarship they can awarded to each participant



To be considered for the Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

   Be a registered student at the ADACA of ages 12-18

   Attend the audition and earn 85-90 points

   Provide academic school result for each half year

   Show hard work in every class


Application Procedure

   Complete and submit Application Form.  You may use additional sheets as necessary

   Applicant to write a letter (or for little ones, draw a picture) titled: “Why I love to dance”

   Reference from academic school teacher/principal with all academic points

   Attend the audition and earn 85-90 points (Audition fee $35)

   The decision is taken by ADACA’s Directors and teachers for few days and student with their parent will be invited for interview


Application DeadlineApplications are accepted each half year, 1 -10 of September and January.


Application form is avalible upon request.


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