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Current News!

Registration is now open!

August 16th, 2018

A new season is starting up again at the Academy of Dance and Creative Arts! Our ISBC Summer Camp and Summer Classes went really well and we are very exicted to start this new school year! A special discount for returing ADACA members, from now until August 31st all registration fees are voided! Keep in mind that you must also sign up for at least a monthly package or an intensive program to use this offer, you cannot just sign up and pay for a single class. Be sure to take advantage of this special discount before its too late. We hope to see everyone again on September 10th.


ADACA Students place platinum at the Taoli Dance Competition!

May 26th, 2018

This past weekend ADACA traveled to Manhattan, NY to compete in the Taoli Dance Competition and everyone one of our students who competed ended up winning! They have all been working really hard and we are so proud of everyone! The same dances can be seen at our show Anastasia or Les Ouf de Faberge, preimiering on June 3rd, 4pm at the Master Theatre in Brooklyn, NY.
Platinum Award Recipents
- Brittany Tesoriero 
- Julia Veretchak 
- Brittany Rakhmonova
- Anabella Cenna
- "Spring" Anastasia Popova, Esther Aronova, Eva Aronova
- "Contiguite" Lilana Zakaryan, Anton Potosky
- "Sphere" Nicole Veytsman, Nadya Veretchak, Andrey Durnev
Taoli Spirit Award 
- "Spring" Anastasia Popova, Esther Aronova, Eva Aronova
Best Partnership Award
- "Contiguite" Lilana Zakaryan, Anton Potosky
Judges Choice Award
-"Contiguite" Lilana Zakaryan, Anton Potosky
Best School & Teacher Awards
- Academy of Dance and Creative Arts
From Left to Right  ( K. Durnev - J.  Vorobyeva - A. Durnev - N. Veretchak - A. Popova - N. Veytsman -  L. Zakaryan -  Es. Aronova - Ev. Aronova - B. Tesoriero  - A. Cenna - J. Veretchak ) *Not pictured B. Rakhmonova  &  A. Potosky