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Scholarship Information

Best ADACA Student Award

ADACA Boys Award

This award covers 60% or full Tuition for students who love to dance, demonstrate potential and would like to have a complete ballet education at the Academy of Dance and Creative Arts. As part of the ADACA’s mission of encouraging the love of Ballet, Dance and the Creative Arts for all ages and incomes, we place a big emphasis on educating talented children.

We would like to present this award to our students who have been at our school for 5 years or more, attending our Elite-Ballet program year round,  attending our summer programs and all the performances.
The Award is:
• Elite - Ballet Advance Level II – discount 40% - 60% for the academic year tuition;
• Elite - Ballet Pre-professional Level I – discount 50% - 70% for the academic year tuition;
• Elite - Ballet Pre-professional Level II – discount 60% - 80% for the academic year tuition;
• Elite - Ballet Professional Level – discount 70% - 100 % for the academic year tuition;

Students who reach Elite-Ballet Advance level II are qualified for the Partnership program. To be considered for the Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:
• Excellent attendance of the ADACA’s classes;
• Maintain a professional and polite demeanor;
• Maintain satisfactory academic grades at school;
• Not to study at any other dance school and/or to attend auditions and/or to accept any amateur or professional performing engagement without the approval of the ADACA; Directors have rights to decide if student are qualified to the Partnership program

In accepting an award from this program, students enter into a partnership with the Academy of Dance and Creative Arts and agree to the following Eligibility:
• Be a registered student at the ADACA of ages 15 and up;
• Attend the ADACA academic years of Elite-Ballet program for 5 or more years;
• Attend the ADACA summer programs for 5 years or more;
• Attend all performances provided ADACA for 5 or more years;
• Provide academic grades from the regular school each year;
• Show hard work in every class

Application Procedure
• Complete and submit Application Form. You may use additional sheets as necessary
• Applicant must bring all the invoices from year round programs and summer programs
• Write a letter to ADACA that you are not going to any other ballet/dance school or summer program during all years you have a ballet education at ADACA. If you did audition/s or attended any summer or other program at the other ballet/dance schools, please put all that information in the letter (which school, which program, which year)
• Reference from academic school teacher/principal with all academic points
• ADACA’s Directors will then make a decison in the following days and the student with their parent will be invited for an interview

*Application Deadlines are accepted by September 15th of each year.
Free eduction for all boys ages 3 and up. No ballet experience is required. All performance and costume fees are not included in the package. A deposit of $500 is required to receive a free ballet eduction.

*The deposit will hold the boy in class for 3 years and after the 3rd year you can take your depost back or it can be held on for the next 3 years of his education. 

Scholarship Application

If you have taken an intreset in ADACA and would like to support your local ballet community you  can donate by clicking the link below! Please follow the guide below for a specfic package you wish to purchase.
All donations will be put towards our scholorship programs, improving our facilities and performances. Any donation of $75 or more is eligiblefor a tax deductable. If you are intrested in becoming a sponser of ADACA Dance please free to contact us.